Miner John Designs Australian Style Pick Holder


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This is a heavy-duty full grain leather angled pick holder that is favored by the Australian gold hunters.  I’ve developed this version with added cut-out belt slots that help, when woven through your chosen belt loop, to stabilize the holder in place while worn with your detecting trousers and belt.  It also can be used on any detecting harness as well.  This pick holder design has been my favorite for the past 4 years.   Using an angled pick holder eliminates these annoying problems of other pick holders:  the handle whacking your legs while you walk or hike, the handle being driven up and falling over and out of the holder while kneeling down to retrieve a target, the pick head pinching the ol’ belly fat, and having difficulty finding the opening of the holder.  Try an angled pick holder and you will never go back to any other style!  Accommodates either large or small pick sizes with no problem.  Comes stock in black and wine colors, and you need to specify right hand or left hand. (If you are right-handed, the holder goes on your left side, and if left-handed, it fits on the right side. If you differ from this standard, please order appropriately.). 11 oz.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in



Left-handed, Right-handed


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